PuTTY Bug Reporting

Bug reports and feature requests should go to the address putty-bugs@lists.tartarus.org.

I get a lot of mail about PuTTY, and I don't have much time to answer it. To make my life easier, I would like people to do these things:

If you request an extra feature in PuTTY, do bear in mind that I have a real job and an active social life and I do have better things to do with my time than write code for PuTTY. Try to do some of the work for me.

I have very little patience for people who demand that I spend several days making them happy; I have a lot of time for people who spend several of their days making themselves happy and then share the result. The free software movement is entirely built on the idea that if you want it done, you do it rather than complaining at other people.

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