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"; if ("") //if the query box was left blank... alert("Please enter a string"); else //if text was entered into the query box... { for (var i=0; i"; } bigstring+=""; } } bigstring+="
"; } if (count==0) //if no records were matched bigstring is over written with a message saying so bigstring="
I found 0 records in the database
"; else //if there were entries matched, a count display is prepended to bigstring using neat string manipulation { bigstring=bigstring.split("")[0]+"
I found "+count+" records in the database

")[1]; }; //the bottom frame is opened for writing parent.bottom.document.write(bigstring); //bigstring is dumped into the bottom frame parent.bottom.document.close(); //the bottom frame is closed //Voila, a search function in 60 lines of script }
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