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Welcome to Fiferboy-land!

You lucky person, you have the distinct (and questionable) pleasure of entering my domain. First a little background knowlegde to give you a fair chance. I am your host, Fiferboy, as you have probably guessed. My world is a little different than the real world, so you will have to take that into account when viewing this page.

But before I begin, I would like to mention that any spelling mistakes found on this page that create new an wonderful words are ©Fiferboy, 2002. There are likely to be spelling mistakes, and I can't really say that I mind them.

Where should I begin? Well, to start off with, in my world Linux Rules Supreme! This can be seen in the screenshots following this paragraph. Any form of Linux is fine with me, though my preferred flavour is Linux Mandrake. QNX is also fine with me. I am overtly anti-Microsoft, but I will try not to corrupt you with subliminal messages. I make no promises to try, in fact, but I will try to try...

Linux Mandrake Screenshots

All the following Linux Mandrake screenshots were taken on my computer. Click on the picture to see a full-sized (1280x1024) picture. More images to come soon, hopefully showing off all the advantages of Linux over winblows. Oops, sorry about the subliminal message ;->

My very nifty Gnome theme Showing off my Gnome theme. Modified it myself, I did.
Gnome background (HINT: It's QNX!) Showing off my background. QNX is, unfortunately, not installed.
Logged into EOS and Artemis at school. Me connected to a few of the school's computers.
Running Baldur's Gate II through WINE. Running a Windows game in Linux. Does it get any better?
FTP'es into a couple of different sites. Connected to a couple of ftp sites using a couple of different programs.

QNX Screenshots

Unfortunately, none of these screenshots were taken on my computer. QNX is a Candian company that specializes in embedded devices and real-time operating systems. The current stable version of QNX RTOS (real-time operating system) for home computers can be downloaded from

I cannot believe QNX is allowed to be so beautiful! QNX is so beautiful it makes me weep.
It's so insanely beautiful. No really, it does. Check it out.
This can't be legal.  Looks too good. One more for the beauty of it all.

Linux PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

Another thing that plays a large role in my world is the Sharp Zaurus. This is a brand new PDA (actually, Personal Mobile Tool according to the Zaurus.) It has a great colour display, it has a built-in ascii keyboard, and best of all it runs Linux! Check it out! I have written a review of it, if you would care to read. You can check it out here. I also have a screenshot of me syncing it in Linux, and ftping into it. At the same time. Look at me go!

My time to write this runs short. I am a software engineering student at Mohawk College. If you couldn't already tell from my Canadian spelling, I am from Canada. But for now, class is calling my name, and I must answer. I will be back soon, however, to write some more and put your fears, that I will never share my life story with you, to rest. For more detailed information about my life, sheck out this detailed page: Fiferboy's Bio

Check out my Mancala page with, wait for it, a downloadable game for the Zaurus written by yours truly! (That means me!)

UPDATE! - Newly added (and hopefully frequently updated) Fiferboy Tribes 2 statistics! Now you can check up with me and see how well I am doing! (may be infrequently updated, not guarenteed to be frequently updated.) Frequently updated! See my totals, lists, and weapons statistics. Please, view. Also, come back for Fiferboy's Tribes 2 screenshots, where you see what I saw!

Fiferboy's Links

Fiferboy's Journal Page
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ZaurusZone - a good resoucre on the Sharp Zaurus
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