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Fort York Guard Hours

The Fort York Guard operates seven days a week for two months of the year. The following tables contain the hours worked each day, and the schedule of demonstrations.

Hours of Operation

Sunday* 9:45 - 5: 15
Monday - Friday 9:45 - 5:15
Saturday* 9:45 - 5:14

NOTE* - fields marked with a * indicated days the guard may be absent due to travelling. The guard has an extensive travel schedule this year, so it is best to phone ahead to see if the guard will be there on the day you want to visit.

Demonstration Schedule

Hour Demonstration
10:30 Flag raising
11:30 Musket demo
12:30 Noon gun firing
1:30 Music demo
2:30 Musket demo (Military show on Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
3:30 Drill period
4:30 Flag lowering


Map of Fort York and surroundings Inside Toronto: From King Street West and Bathurst Street, head south across the Bathurst Bridge to Fleet Street. Take Fleet Street west until Garrison Road, and then head north on Garrison Road. At the end of the road is Fort York, and free parking to Fort visiters!
Outside Toronto: Take the Lake Shore Boulevard to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) exit. Turn right onto Fleet Street, and then an immediate left onto Garrison Road. Free parking for Fort visiters is available at the end of Garrison Road.